Our services

Perpetuum is an innovative waste management company that offers services both in Norway and in Europe. We are a knowledge-based company with approximately 80 professional and experienced employees, and offer services in the areas of remediation, landfill, hazardous waste and industrial waste.

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Depositing in landfill, defining/mapping scope of work and cleaning up of contaminated areas

  • Basic environmental studies
  • Action plans to manage contaminated land and properties
  • Demolition projects- from demolition of structures to demolition of buildings
  • Environmental mapping for scope of work in remediation projects in accordance with the
  • requirements of the Planning and Building Act
  • Landfill with several permits for different types of waste, which cannot be recycled

Hazardous waste and Industrial services

  • Collection of hazardous waste in a safe easy manner for our customers and ensure responsible downstream handling. Our transportation vehicles have routes in all variants throughout Northern Norway, and we collect whatever quantity needed from our customers
  • Perpetuum has extensive experience in handling all types of waste from shipping ports
  • At some of our locations, we also have deep water harbors that allow barges to deliver hazardous waste directly
  • Emptying, cleaning, leakage testing and condition checking of all types of tanks
  • Emptying, cleaning and checking of oil and grease separators
  • Flushing of all types of pipes

Collection of industrial waste

  • Commercial waste from large and small customers in the Tromsø area
  • Whether you are a large contractor in need of frequent assignments, or if you have a small shop that only wants waste removal when needed, we have efficient, environmentally sound and economical solutions for you

Rental of waste containers and collection equipment

  • Rental of waste containers, approved containers, and collection equipment in all variants for you to succeed in sorting waste at your company. Rentals can be over shorter or longer periods

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