PFAS Disposal and Remediation

We are certified for PFAS disposal and contaminated soil disposal at our landfill. The deposit is installed with innovative solutions for leachate water processing, ensuring the removal of PFAS-residue in the water, and safely blocking PFAS from leaking out into the environment.

Safe and responsible PFAS contaminated soil disposal

At Perpetuum, we understand the pressing concerns surrounding contaminated land disposal, especially when it comes to PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances).
PFAS disposal using a certified landfill is one of the safest ways of contaminated soil disposal and PFAS remediation. Our landfill is able to handle large amounts of soil, and we have deposited soil from several airports and other contaminated areas from different locations in Europe.

Unlike many other PFAS remediation methods, our method of depositing PFAS in a landfill removes all PFAS from it’s original site, ensuring that the removed PFAS is taken out of the ecosystems permanently. The method also eliminates the need for long term monitoring and water treatment at the original location.

The Perpetuum Way: How is the contaminated soil disposed of?

Our approach to PFAS disposal and PFAS remediation goes beyond mere compliance. Our processes adhere to the highest regulatory standards, putting the environment first.
We employ state-of-the-art equipment and innovative methodologies to handle PFAS-contaminated soil and leachate water.

PFAS contaminated soil disposal takes place in an exclusive PFAS disposal cell in our landfill, with a triple bottom liner. From there, the PFAS-substances can only exit through the water drainage (leachate) from the landfill cell – the soil stays sealed from the rest of the environment and becomes neutralized as a contamination hazard. When the PFAS-cell is full, a water tight top sealing is installed, stopping all leachate production from the cell, and therefore all leaking of PFAS in the foreseeable future.

PFAS remediation of deposited soil

PFAS-substances, once within the deposit, can only exit the deposit through the water drainage. The water drained from the PFAS-cell is treated with our innovative rinsing process, extracting close to all PFAS from the water. Hence, all PFAS in the deposited soil is effectively removed from the ecosystems. When the water exits our landfill, the level of PFAS in the water is restored back to proposed EU drinking water standards.

Want to learn more about the structure of our deposit, and the innovative water treatment process? Read about our innovative deposit solutions here.

Established route for PFAS disposal

With access to an industrial-sized port in close proximity to our deposit site, we are set up to receive contaminated soil by ship. We can receive shipments of up to 13.000 tonnes per ship, and we are able to receive and deposit several shipments during a short period of time.

A trusted solution – ready to act

Our commitment to PFAS remediation has made us a trusted partner for complex projects involving contaminated soil disposal. We have helped bring several contaminated areas back to their natural, uncontaminated state, and are committed to take on more projects in the future.

In a world that’s growing more aware of environmental responsibility, choose Perpetuum for your PFAS disposal and PFAS remediation needs. Join us in creating a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future.

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